• – Be aware that unprotected anal sex is the riskiest form of sex when it comes to HIV
  • – Discuss condom use with sex partner before having sex
  • – Discuss your sexual history with sex partner before having sex
  • – Discuss HIV testing with sex partner before having sex
  • – Get tested for HIV regularly. If you are infected, early treatment will keep you healthier and reduce your chances of infecting others
  • – Always carry a condom or femidom when planning to have sex
  • – Use condoms or femidoms correctly and consistently during sex
  • – Use water based lubricants with condoms or femidoms
  • – Use dental dams correctly and consistently when performing oral sex or rimming
  • – Use finger cots correctly and consistently when using your fingers
  • – Use new barrier methods for each person when sharing sex toys
  • – Decrease or eliminate alcohol/drug use before and during sex
  • – Avoid place where you may be tempted to have high risk sex
  • – If your condom breaks, if you’ve had unsafe sex or are worried you might have been exposed to HIV through your partner, you can go on medication to reduce your risk of HIV infection known as PEP (Post Exposure Prophylaxis). You should get on PEP within 72 hours of exposure



This is an area that many guys are nervous about. Making a mess or smell while having anal sex can be embarrassing for the bottom partner. Remember that everybody poops and that accidents happen to anyone. But there are things you can do to have a clean anal sex experience and minimise the chances of things getting messy.



  • – Go to the bathroom a while before having anal sex
  • – While the anus and rectum do not usually store faeces, they may have remnants left behind
  • – The very least you should do is ensure you are clean around your anus. Have a shower or bath
  • – You may also want to check in the bathroom with a finger if you feel any remnants of faeces inside you
  • – If you do, you can clean yourself out with your fingers and then wash and clean up thoroughly
  • – Some guys prefer to use an enema to clean out their anus and rectum
  • – An enema is a device used to administer liquid into your anus and rectum to clean them out. You then eject the liquid out again
  • – You can buy an enema kit at your local pharmacy without prescription and follow the instructions
  • – Some doctors recommend only using warm water in an enema to avoid unbalancing the anal environment
  • – Be wary of over using enemas; this may be harmful to the anal cavity
  • – Using an enema may increase your risk of HIV infection if you do not condomise (bareback)



  • – When first having anal sex, take your time and stop whenever you want to
  • – You may want to start with some foreplay such as letting your partner finger you (using plenty of lube) to help you relax
  • – When it comes to the penetration, there are various positions you can try. Do whatever feels comfortable for you
  • – Use plenty of lube. You can smear some in your anus and also apply it literally on your partner’s penis