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Malan van der Walt

Stellenbosch University

Hello all. My name is Malan van der Walt, and I am the Student Programme Coordinator for all things Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, and Questioning. That is quite a mouthful. Would you like to know more? Come to my office at the HIV Office in the Admin A Building, Room 1011, whenever you’d like to.

Why am I doing the job that I do? Because I am passionate about social justice, inclusivity, human rights, and I think it is important to facilitate processes that inform, educate, and empower others. if I’m not at the office, I’m relaxing with my partner at home, playing a game of tennis, reading, listening to music, or spending time with friends and family.

Greg Smith
Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University: EC

Greg Smith is the Programme Coordinator for the MSM/LGBTI HEI Programme at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU). Greg has been working at the institution for 9 years from within the Campus Health Services where Primary Healthcare services are rendered to all NMMU students. It is here that Greg has been involved in the field of HIV treatment, care and support as well as offering Personal Counselling services.

Greg holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology as well as a Master’s degree in Health & Welfare Management. At NMMU the aim for the programme is to build a safe, enabling environment on campus to enable happy & healthy living g & learning of the MSM/LGBTI community of NMMU.

Semakaleng (Sma) Mothapo

University of Venda

Name: Semakaleng (Sma) Mothapo

Department: Campus Health

Position: MSM/LGBTI Programme Coordinator

Contact numbers: 015 962 8056


Facebook: Semakaleng Mothapo

Office No: 4A Kuwait Building


University of Cape Town: WC

Sianne’s role as the HEAIDS and Curriculum Integration Officer at HAICU entails integration of HIV/AIDS education into each Faculty at UCT. Sianne is a Doctoral candidate at the University of the Free State and identifies as a queer researcher who is part of a national cohort of scholars specialising in various disciplines that contribute to Gender and Sexuality academia.

Sianne holds a MSocSc in Social Policy Management (UCT) and a Management Diploma from the University of Stellenbosch and a Bachelor of Arts in African Gender Studies.

As the coordinator for the MSM-LGBQTI programming on the UCT Campus, Sianne is actively engaging with UCT as an institution and with the Rainbow UCT student society to support and collaborate on interventions that bring collegiality and greater awareness for African students who identify along the spectrum of gender and sexualities.
Contact details:
Tel: 0216501003

Naythan Kayser

University of the Western Cape

Mr. Kayser was born and raised on the Cape Flats , in Eersteriver. He attended high school at the Cape Academy for Mathematics , Science and Technology . He completed his Honors Degree in Psychology in 2010. During 2009 and 2010 he was a Peer Educator in the HIV and AIDs Programme at the University of Western Cape . Naythan has been involved in numerous community outreach projects throughout his studies including work at UWC HIV and AIDS Peer Education Programme and ZAMANAWE SADC student exchange programme. In 2010 he also completed an Internship at Lifeline /Childline Youth Development as a counselor and community worker and thereafter registered with the Health Professions Council South Africa (HPCSA). During the years 2012 – 2013 he was employed as the Enhanced School Environment Officer for the HealthWise South Africa Programme and served as a trainer and facilitator in Gender and Risk Reduction workshops for the UWC Peer education Project. Naythan Kayser is currently employed as the MSM/LGBTI Coordinator at the University of Western Cape’s HIV and Aids programme. He has been actively involved in the HIV prevention sector for more than five years at UWC .In his personal life he is well known as an MC at LGBTI events and has a great interest in promoting HIV testing within the broader LGBTI community. Recently he has gained an opportunity to become a supportive lecturer for a new course in education focusing on Sexual Diversity and the Role of the Educator.

Maraka Lefera

Central University of Technology: FS

Name: Maraka Lefera
Sex: Female
Title: MSM/LGBTI Programme Coordinator
Office Number: 051 507 4062

Melusi Dlamini

Durban University of Technology: KZN

My name is Melusi Dlamini, the Coordinator for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Questioning (LGBTIQ) Programme at the Durban University of Technology (DUT). I am based at the HIV/AIDS Centre on the Steve Biko campus.

My work involves engaging DUT staff and students on issues of diversity through promoting gender equality and tolerance. I also work to promote prevention, treatment and care of HIV/AIDS among the youth. I am passionate about working with the youth and inspiring positive change in DUT and in the world.

Contact Details


Tel: 0313732257

Brian Sibeko

Tshwane University of Technology, GP

What do you get when you take a politician, a community developer and a youth activist? In short, you get Brian Sibeko. This young man is passionate about the plight of LGBTI youth. As MSM/LGBTI Programme Coordinator for the Tshwane University of Technology, he works directly with the students making it easy for him to carry out his passion to those he care about most – the youth.

After studying for a BA Politics, he realised he couldn’t stop running and answered the calling. Not that kind of calling, but a calling nonetheless. Bongani dropped out of Politics to pursue a Social Work Degree and he’s at his happiest. Community oriented and a people’s person, he engages with his work as though it’s a hobby. He’s quick to spread the word on safe sex and self-love and he never misses an opportunity to speak of such. He lives the words he speaks and calls work. He’s a young gay man who’s dedicated his life to changing the perception of general society towards same sex loving individuals and the broader LBGTI community.

Looking at him, he reminds us that while there are people who are fine with what life gives them, there are people who will dedicate their lives to making sure that not only he gets the benefit but others benefit too. As we deal with all forms of homophobia, it is the likes of Bongani Sibeko, at the forefront of the battle against proposed injustices that remind us that we all have a role to play. “We might not be at the marches (though we should be), but through living our lives as best we can, we are being activists.”

Nomvula Twaise

Walter Sisulu University, EC

Walter Sisulu University established the centre for HIV/AIDS (CHA) in 2009 under the leadership of Miss Nomvula Twaise who’s the director of the centre. The main objective of the centre is to coordinate HIV/AIDS programmes that are running at WSU and facilitate the integration of HIV/AIDS in the university curriculum and research.

One of the programme implemented by CHA is MSM/LGBTI Programme. This programme was initiated in 2014 and launched during the Human Rights Month. The programme is currently coordinated by Mawethu Zita, the dynamic and self-driven young person whose having ten years of experience in managing HIV prevention and youth development programmes at local, national and international platforms.

  • The main objectives of MSM/LGBTI programmes are:
  • To create safe spaces for WSU MSM/LGBTI community
  • To establish and strengthen MSM/LGBTI friendly health services on campuses
  • To create a Supportive Environment for MSM/LGBTI students and staff to access health care
  • To promote Sexual Reproductive Rights as fundamental human rights
  • To establish MSM/LGBTI forums on campuses
  • To eradicate stigma and discrimination on campuses against MSM/LGBTI population
  • To promote healthy life style and reduce STIs transmission including HIV
  • To provide MSM/LGBTI friendly materials in facilities

Buffalo City Campus: Chiselhurst Site, East London
Tel.: 043 709 4757/4776
Fax: 086 552 9161
E-mail address:, alternatively, you can contact our secretary at

Zanele Thela

University of the Free State, FS

My name is Zanele Thela, the MSM/LGBTI Programme Coodinator of The University of the Free State. It gives me great pleasure to be working at the main campus of the University as I am not only an employee but also a student. I have obtained my BA Governance and Political transformation degree and my BA hons in Africa studies. I am a very active person as I absolutely love sport. I have a Black belt in karate and a chess player aswell.

It gives me great pleasure to be part of this programme as it is investing in the progression of the Republic of South Africa but targeting young minds at Universities across South Africa. As South Africans, students and staff members it is our duty to teach and facilitate programmes that will educate people about phenomena’s they might not only be familiar with but also do not understand. In the same breathe, making students aware of certain implications like unprotected sex and most importantly putting a stop to myths that are killing our young generation. It is up to the youth, the students, the stakeholders and University as a whole to shape young minds to be leaders of tomorrow without being discriminated against because of their sexuality. Sexual orientation is only a small part of what defines a person.

For more information

Telephone: 051 401 3881
Cell phone: 082 0486 581

Nomonde Cele

Mangosuthu University of Technology: KZN

Hi I’m Nomonde Cele. I’m all about fun, sex and diversity. I can be found at the Wellness Centre in the Faculty of Natural Sciences. Call me on 031 907 9694 or whatsapp me on 0839641726.